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Since its inception in 2012 there has been a decline in serious crimes in Port Huron.  While the program has shown results, other community policing activities continue to enhance the agency’s community policing efforts to build trust and legitimacy through increased communication.  Port Huron conducts an annual Citizen’s Police Academy which allows residents to learn about various aspects of law enforcement including use of force, firearms, ethics, hiring, traffic stops, drunk driving enforcement and domestic assaults.

The primary community building activity is the interaction between the community-oriented policing officers assigned to one of the city’s 18 designated zones and the community residents within those zones.  The officers attend block club meetings, liaison with neighborhood watch programs and offer the police citizen’s academy to any who wish to attend.


These awards will be presented to a Local Law Enforcement Agency (LLEA) that has effectively implemented community policing in the LLEA’s service area. A specific Community Police Officer (CPO) may also be nominated. The awards will be presented at the Neighborhood Associations of Michigan's (NAM) annual conference.

NAM is specifically interested in presenting the awards to LLEAs and CPOs that are engaged in new ways of delivering police services to their service area; that are creatively involving the service area community as a partner in a unified effort to solve problems; and have focused energies on innovating the LLEA, via community policing activities, to address conditions that give rise to crime and repeated calls for police assistance.

Nomination Guidelines

1. Each nomination must be typed or printed in ink and submitted on the enclosed nomination form, a photocopy of the form, or a computer generated exact likeness of the form. No other format will be accepted.

2. Any supporting documentation must accompany the nomination form. Supporting materials should include a letter of support, news clippings, photo, or pamphlet. All supporting material must be presented on 8 1/2” X 11” sheets of paper. No more than three (3) sheets of supporting materials will be accepted. DO NOT submit audio or videotapes, display materials, films, or scrapbooks, etc.

3. Submit five (5) copies and the original of the completed and signed nomination form and all supporting materials.

4. Decisions made by the Selection Committee are final. All submitted nomination forms and supporting material become property of NAM and will not be returned.



Click Here for the Community-Oriented Policing Awards Nomination Application